HMI technologies for all applications in hazardous areas

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Applications in the Oil & Gas Industries

Rough ambient conditions, extreme temperatures, and a high degree of pollution are characteristics of production sites in the oil and gas industries – the new device platform SHARK includes various types of xx8 HMIs, and has been specially designed for harsh operating environments. The SHARKs are certified for use in hazardous areas, Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 (ATEX, IECEx). They have an enhanced shock and vibration resistance (shock levels up to 25 g; vibration levels up to 5 g; 5 … 1000 Hz), and an excellent corrosion resistance to seawater and gases.

The IP66-rated SHARKs are extremely rugged, and specifically designed to ensure fail-safe, reliable 24/7 operation even in the harshest environment, at ambient temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +65 °C. To ensure optimum visualisation of all relevant processes even in direct sunlight or high ambient light conditions, all displays deliver brightness levels of more than 1200 cd/m² and use sunlight-readable display technology: the anti-glare display front glass significantly reduces disturbing reflections and glare, thus providing superior readability.

The SHARKS are available in a KVM (SERIES 600) or Panel PC (SERIES 400) version, and in display sizes of 15" or 21.5". The Thin Client version (SERIE 500) will soon be available. The Panel PCs (SERIE 400) are fitted with top-of-the-range Intel Core i7 or AMD G-Series T56 processors. Features such as dual Ethernet, optional video camera, Bluetooth, RFID reader, and two flexibly designed built-in junction boxes that allow for many different types of cable connections make the SHARKs the most innovative HMIs for applications in the oil and gas industries. The KVM systems come with our latest DVI3 version fitted behind the display.


  ET-438 ET-498
KVM-System Zone 1, 21 ET-638 ET-698
KVM-System Zone 2, 22 MT-638 MT-698
Panel PC Zone 1, 21 ET-438 ET-498
Panel PC Zone 2, 22 MT-438 MT-498




oil workersMobile Rig Floor HMIs

Mobile HMIs are used close to the derrick, and are often exposed to direct sunlight. Our innovative SR display ensures best display readability even in high ambient light conditions.

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steuerstandFixed Mounted Rig Floor HMIs

For fixed mounted solutions, the 15" sunlight-readable display with innovative pole filter system is the first choice for the control and monitoring of drilling operations. For our 19" displays, we have designed a horizontally and vertically adjustable enclosure that can be positioned to suit the operator's viewing angle.

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steuerstand 2HMIs for Driller Cabins

 The 15" SR display ensures permanent display readability, and is ideally suited for use in driller cabins – fitted with the innovative pole filter system, it ensures glare-free, best display readability, night and day.

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wirelineHMIs for WIRELINE Applications

Wireline applications are often performed in a container directly installed on the platform to monitor the cable routing into the drilling hole over the display. This is another typical application for our new, innovative SR display. An intelligent pole filter system blocks out distracting reflections and glare, thus ensuring best readability, night and day.

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CONTAINERWidescreen HMIs for Container Applications

In container applications, monitors are often used for monitoring and analyzing operations  – R. STAHL HMI Systems now offers widescreen solutions that look like office monitors, but are certified for use in hazardous areas. Thanks to the certification, they do not require any "purge conditions" and are ready to use, anytime.

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TANKERHMIs for Tank Farm Applications

Operator interfaces – with proprietary or Microsoft operating systems, or with R. STAHL HMI firmware – are most commonly used for control and monitoring operations, and access control or user authentication in tank farms – at R. STAHL HMI Systems, we can provide the ideal HMI solution for all types of application.

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