HMI technologies for all applications in hazardous areas

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Applications in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Terminal PharmaPharmaceutical production sites are characterized by GMP-compliance, cleanrooms and a high degree of quality assurance. Pharmaceuticals are produced in predefined manufacturing processes – in continuous 24/7 operation.
The HMIs of the EXICOM series are used for monitoring and control of complex processes or individual machines – in hazardous areas, Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22, as well as in safe areas. The display front frame is available in stainless steel, plastic, or anodized aluminium, thus meeting the strictest cleanroom requirements. A special protective glass panel also complies with safety and hygiene standards, and provides a clear view on the high bright display. Mounted in stainless-steel enclosures with a low surface roughness of less than 0.6 μm (0.002"), all EXICOM operator stations are very easy to clean –
EXICOM live in process


KVM Technology

Remote operator terminal on site, and PC installed in the safe area, connected to the KVM box over DVI (video) and USB (keyboard/mouse) connectors

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  • Digital data transmission ensurs best image quality
  • Data transfer over copper cable of up to 150 m (492 ft) / fiber optic of up to 10 km (33,000 ft)
  • Highly reliable, high-speed point-to-point data connections

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Thin Client Technology

Remote operator terminal on site and PC, or networked PC-server connected over the TCP/IP network

fp thin-client s
  • Ethernet, TCP/IP, and RDP, VNC or Netc@ap connection, therefore LAN-, WLAN-, and Internet-capable
  • Flexible access from one operator terminal to multiple PCs
  • Cost-efficient, central data management, backup and data security management
  • Highest level of security thanks to proprietary Remote firmware

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Panel PC Technology

PC with integrated display, touch screen, and Windows operating system; suitable for all types of software applications

fp open-hmi panel-pc s
  • Ready-to-run, pre-installed multilingual Windows operating systems with 25 languages
  • Modern TFT displays with LED backlighting technology
  • Efficient backup and recovery system ensures highest level of system availability
  • Intel®Atom™ 1,6 GHz, < 16 GB internal SSD, or < 128 GB SSD (MLC / SLC)
  • Open for different types of software applications, e.g.
    WinCC flexible®, Factory Talk View®, Vijeo Citect®, etc.

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