HMI technologies for all applications in hazardous areas

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1. In what area are you planning to install the HMIs?

Hazardous area

2. Which certificates do you need for the HMIs?









3. Which technology do you want for the HMIs?

fp kvm-classic s 24

fp thin-client s

fp open-hmi panel-pc s

fp eagle s

fp serie-200

fp falcon 65 s


4. What display size do you need?



5. Where do you want to install the HMIs?


6. In which temperature range are you planning to operate the HMIs?

- °C
to + °C


7. Do you need the HMIs as built-in control panel modules or as complete terminals with stainless steel enclosure?


8. How many HMIs do you need for your application?



9. Other important information concerning the application?


Are you already in contact with R. STAHL or R. STAHL HMI Systems, or are you a new customer?

For new customers: How did you come to know about R. STAHL / R. STAHL HMI Systems?

Other reasons:


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