HMI technologies for all applications in hazardous areas

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exicom overview klChoose the technologies that best suit the needs of your process facilities: available in display sizes ranging from 15” up to 24”, we provide our customers with KVM solutions (direct point-to-point connection to a PC), modern Thin Client solutions, or full-fledged PCs suitable for on-site, hazardous area applications.

The EAGLE terminals (with proprietary operating system and SPSPlusWin software), and the multifunctional FALCON HMIs are specially designed for both complex and standard automation tasks, and for PLC programming – ready to run, they are suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures and applications.


KVM Technology

Remote operator terminal on site, and PC installed in the safe area are connected to the KVM box with DVI (video) and
USB (keyboard/mouse) connectors

productheader kvm

  • Best image quality by digital data transmission
  • Data transfer over copper cable of up to 150 m (492 ft) / fiber optic of up to 10 km (33,000 ft)
  • Highly reliable, high-speed point-to-point data connections

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Thin Client Technology

Remote operator terminal on site and PC or network PC server are connected over the TCP/IP network

productheader thin-client

  • Ethernet, TCP/IP, and RDP, VNC or Netc@ap connection, therefore LAN-, WLAN-, and Internet-capable
  • Flexible access from one operator terminal to multiple PCs
  • Cost-efficient, central data management, backup and data security management
  • Highest level of security thanks to proprietary Remote firmware

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Panel PC Technology

PC with integrated display, touch screen, and Windows operating system; suitable for all types of software applications

productheader panel pc

  • Ready-to-run, pre-installed multilingual Windows operating systems with
    25 languages
  • Modern TFT displays with LED backlighting technology
  • Efficient backup and recovery system ensures highest level of system availability
  • Intel®Atom™ 1,6 GHz, < 16 GB internal SSD, or < 128 GB SSD (MLC / SLC)
  • Open for different types of software applications, e.g. WinCC flexible®, Factory Talk View®, Vijeo Citect®, etc.

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Operator Interface EAGLE

Ready-to-use system with integrated hardware and software for process and HMI visualization,
with PLC or network connection

productheader eagle

  • Multilingual operator interfaces for complex automation tasks
  • Pre-configured, proprietary operating system ensures high degree of security
  • Modern Ethernet protocols: Profinet (S7 / RFC1006), Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP
  • Cost-saving SPSPlusWIN software, incl. different functions, e.g. recipe management, etc.
  • Remote access to network and web server

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SERIES 200 – The first 7” widescreens for hazardous areas

An innovative product design with sunlight-viewable 7” widescreen colour display for installation in all relevant hazardous areas is the prominent feature of our new SERIES 200.

productheader serie200

  • Brilliant 7” colour display with 800 x 480 pixels (format 15:9)
  • Robust, seawater-proof metal enclosure IP66 with glass front
  • Extreme temperature range from -40 °C to +55 °C
  • With Windows Embedded Compact 7 and SPSPlusWIN firmware
  • Optionally available with open operating system for 3rd-party software

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Operator Interface FALCON

Ready-to-use system with integrated hardware and software for process and HMI visualization,
with PLC or network connection

productheader falcon

  • Multilingual operator interfaces for standard automation tasks
  • SPSPlusWIN Lite software for efficient engineering
  • No runtime licensing fees
  • Character encoding (Latin, Cyrillic)

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Specially designed to meet the needs of the oil & gas industries; suitable for rig floor, land rig, tanker, refineries,
and tank farm applications

productheader oil
  • Innovative sunlight-readable display blocks out reflections and glare, for optimum readability
  • Rugged and fanless design ensures long-term reliable operation
  • Suitable for extreme ambient temperatures
  • Many enclosure options and custom solutions

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