HMI technologies for all applications in hazardous areas

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19" HMIs for WIRELINE Applications  (1280 x 1024)

et-mt-it-456 72dpi rgb kl

  • ATEX Zone 1 / IECEx Zone 1, Class 1
  • Powerful Intel® ATOM™ processor
  • Protected touch screen, designed for use on drilling rigs
  • Optionally available with i.s. WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Easily accessible rear connectors
  • Optical fibre Ethernet interface acc. to EX opis, connectable in hazardous areas
  • Suitable for worldwide use, at temperatures ranging from -20 °C up to +55 °C (+50 °C permanent operation)
  • Also available as network-compliant Thin Client solution
  • Optionally available with back-up/recovery function via USB interface


SR-Displays – For Best Readability

wirelineIn wireline applications, permanent monitoring and control of the cable routing in the drilling hole is of particular importance – any distracting reflections and glare could affect the monitoring and control process. The new, innovative SR display and its intelligent pole filter technology filters distracting reflection and glare, thus ensuring best readability even in direct sunlight. The operator has everything under control and is able to quickly respond to any critical event that might occur during drilling operations.

The ET-456 has been designed as a high-performance Full Client PC, based on the Intel® ATOM ™ technology. The overall rugged system design ensures reliable operation, has no rotating parts, and is able to sustain high levels of shock and vibration.

With its high-grade stainless-steel enclosure, the ET-456 is sutibale for use even in the harshest environments, and can easily positioned at the optimum location. All connectors are easily accessible, protected and located at the back of the unit. The ET-456 can be directly connected with fiber optic cabling. Various types of assembly ensure safe and protected cable management in any position.

Our intrinsically safe WLAN aerial antenna, certified according to 802.11 a/b/g/n, is available for WLAN data communications.

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