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Remote HMI Firmware – enhanced security for your operator terminal

stahl firmwareThe latest V.4 version of our Remote HMI systems is the result of many years of design and development efforts, and of extensive testing at our customers’ facilities across all industries. The current version allows the user to view any licence terms for the software installed, including third-party software, and/or software that is not explicitly licensed to R. STAHL HMI. This feature applies to both, the Remote HMI firmware and the 5x6-KVM-digital firmware.
The Remote HMI firmware is based upon VNC, RDP, or NetC@p clients.

Benefits at a glance:

Closed system

The Remote HMI combines various methods to remote control a computer – KVM, VNC, RDP, and NetC@ap – into a closed system that employs an integrated operating concept. This closed system is particularly suitable for use in industrial, mission-critical applications, since it provides enhanced protection against unauthorized access, thus meeting high availability requirements. In addition, Remote HMIs can be switched off at any time (a full shutdown is not necessary) without causing any performance declines in the entire system.

Password system

An optionally activatable password system must meet the highest system security requirements. The system provides multiple user access levels with password protection, and selected OSD (On Screen Display) features can be password-protected from unauthorized use. Setting a password for manual reconnection for example may be useful for preventing user interference during maintenance work at the remote device. And of course, access security to device configurations is also ensured by assigning a master password.

Block input

The user input of the Remote HMI can be blocked for cleaning work; upon completion of the task, the input is deliberately unblocked. During task execution, however, the status window is still displaying the currently active server connection; by using the block input function and the optionally activatable password system, the device can be switched to observation only mode, and input is restricted to authorized users only.

Configuration import/export

Remote HMI configuration sets can be exported to a USB stick, and imported into other Remote HMI systems, regardless of display size and model. The default size of the virtual keyboard is automatically adapted upon import. R. STAHL HMI’s USB sticks are also available in an Ex-zone rated version, thus configuration transfer is possible in both hazardous and non-hazardous areas.


The R. STAHL HMI Recovery USB stick allows the import of both the Remote HMI firmware as well as the Open HMI images into the device. Also available in an Ex-zone rated version, R. STAHL HMI USB sticks are suitable for use in both hazardous and non-hazardous areas. All models run on the same firmware. During boot up, this firmware automatically identifies the current system, and automatically performs the necessary adaptations. Vice versa, it is also possible to import Remote HMI images into Open HMI devices (ET- / MT- / IT-4x6 / 4x7).


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