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ET-600  KVM systems as a classic point-to-point solution

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R. STAHL HMI is the sole provider of a classic KVM solution that allows digital data communications to a terminal on site over copper cable or fiber optic, thus ensuring best image quality anytime – image settings or adjustments are not necessary.

High-quality industrial LED-backlit monitors are availble in screen sizes of 
19", 22", 24" and 24"WU, and in resolutions of 1280 x 1024 / 1680 x 1050 / 1920 x 1080, and 1920 x 1200 – tested by the leading process control systems suppliers.


For the PC to terminal communication, the PC data is captured via VGA / DVI, PS2 / USB, and transferred point-to-point across up to 150 / 500 m [492 / 1,640 ft] (copper) or 10,000 m [33,000 ft] (fiber optic) to the terminal on site. This ensures a simple integration into the process control system. The HMI is ready to run, without any time-consuming driver or software installation.



In the selection field, you can select the optimal solution / screen size, and define the area of application.

fp kvm-classic s 24 Zone 1 Displaygröße19" / 22"24"24"WU
Zone 2 Displaygröße19" / 22"24"24"WU
Non-Ex Displaygröße19" / 22"24"24"WU
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