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Advantages of Server Virtualization

In the "world of automation", there has been a growing trend towards virtualization in recent years, i.e. the separation between hardware and software. The major advantages of virtualization are increased speed and FLEXIBILITY of data access, and maximum operational flexibility on site. Furthermore, virtualization provides cost-savings and enhanced data security.
The main advantages of virtualization are briefly described below:

Enhanced flexibility and access control:

Centralized administration allows a flexible management of access rights. Theoretically, the operator is able to access the PC / server from any terminal and location. The quick and easy access to a wide range of information provides the operator with enhanced process control and monitoring.

Hardware visualization:

Hardware visualization means that several physical computers are imitated, i.e. virtualized by virtual PCs / virtual sessions in a network architecture, which directly translates into savings from hardware costs and space. Another cost benefit of virtualization is that more Thin Clients or PDAs and less “thick” PCs are needed.

Time/cost benefits:

Virtualization helps to reduce backup/upgrade times: all virtual clients within the virtual environment can be managed simultaneously; it is no longer necessary to upgrade/backup each physical computer.

In addition, centralized management helps reduce maintenance costs: server configuration is possible via remote control.

Enhanced security:

Centralized administration of access rights and remote access provides a considerably higher level of security than decentralized system architectures. In addition, and compared to stand-alone solutions, virtual server environments provide enhanced protection of Thin Clients against unauthorized access or manipulation.

Improved availability:

In contrast to stand-alone solutions, virtual server-client architectures allow for hardware changes during operation.

Increased flexibility during operation:

Connecting single clients to the network during ongoing operation is easy by starting a virtual session.


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